20 November 2012

Kumpulan Perintah Batch File


  Batch File biasa digunakan dalam perintah sederhana untuk membuat atau menjalankan peritah dengan berdasarkan argumen yang diketahui oleh Windows. Sehingga dengan cara ini biasanya virus dibuat oleh para Pakar Komputer, dan biasanya berekstensi .bat. Kali ini penulis akan membagi perintah-perintah khusus yang ada dalam Batch File.

Berikut adalah kumpulan Perintah pada Batch File (Sekumpulan Perintah Pada DOS):

ACINIUPDModify INI files (TS only)

Text attributes, cursor & keyboard manipulation
APPENDAllows programs to open data files in specified directories as if they were in the current directory (DOS)
ARPDisplay or modify IP-to-Physical address translation tables used byARP
ASSOCAssociate a file extension with a file type, or list all associations
ATCommand line scheduler
ATTRIBList & manipulate file attributes
AUTOFAILSuppress network connection error messages at startup
BACKUPBackup files to floppy disks (requires RESTORE from the exact same DOS version)
BASICABasic interpreter for IBM PC-DOS
BCDEDITSets properties in boot database to control boot loading (Windows 7)
BOOTCFGEdit Windows boot settings in BOOT.INI (XP)
BREAKEnable/disable extended Ctrl+C checking (16-bits)
CACLSRead and set file access permissions
CALLRun a batch file from within another batch file
CDShow or change the current directory (same as CHDIR)
CDBURNWrite ISO images to CD (Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit tool)
CERTREQRequest certificates from a certification authority (Windows Server 2003)
CERTUTILManage certificates (Windows Server 2003)
CHANGEChange TS port mappings, install mode, or enable/disable TS logon
CHCPDisplay or set the active Code Page
CHDIRShow or change the current directory (same as CD)
CHGLOGONEnable/disable TS logon
CHGPORTChange TS port mappings
CHGUSRChange TS install mode
CHKDSKCheck a disk for file system errors or bad sectors
CHKNTFSDisplay or modify the checking of disk at boot time
CHOICEPrompt user for to choose option from list of choices
CIPHERDisplay or alter the encryption of directories [files] on NTFS partitions
CLEANMGRAutomate cleanup of temporary files, IE cache, downloaded files & recycle bin (XP)
CLSClear the screen/window
CMD.EXECommand interpreter (32-bits)
CMDKEYManage stored user names and passwords (Windows Server 2003 and later)
COLORChange text and background color in console
COMMAND.COMCommand interpreter (16-bits)
COMPCompare files
COMPACTDisplay or modify file compression on NTFS partitions
%COMSPEC%Command interpreter specification in master environment
CONTROLStart Control Panel or a Control Panel applet
CONVERTConvert a FAT volume to NTFS
COPYCopy files
CPROFILEClean profiles of wasted space (Windows Server 2003)
CSCRIPTConsole mode interpreter for VBScript/JScript
CSVDEImport/export data from Active Directory in CSV format
CTTYRedirect all input and output to a file or (serial, parallel or null) device
DATEDisplay & manipulate system date
DEBUGDebugger & assembler
DEFRAGLocate and consolidate fragmented boot files, data files, and folders on local volumes
DELDelete one or more files
DELTREEDelete an entire folder including files and subfolders
DEVCONCommand line Device Manager (free Microsoft download)
DHCPLOCDiscover rogue DHCP servers
DIANTZCompress and add files to new or existing .CAB files(equivalent of MAKECAB)
DIRList files & directories
DISKCOMPCompare two floppy disks on a track by track basis
DISKCOPYCopy a floppy disks on a track by track basis
DISKPARTManipulate harddisk partitions and logical drives
DOSKEYEdit or recall command lines, or create command line macros
DPATHAllows programs to open data files in specified directories as if they were in the current directory (Windows 7, OS/2)
DRIVERQUERYList installed drivers (Windows XP)
DSADDAdd objects to (active) directory
DSGETDisplay (active) directory object properties
DSMODModify objects in (active) directory
DSMOVEMove or rename objects in (active) directory
DSQUERYQuery (active) directory
DSRMRemove object from (active) directory
DVDBURNWrite ISO images to DVD (Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit tool)
ECHODisplay text on screen
EDITText editor in MS-DOS 5+ (requires QBASIC)
EDLINLine editor in MS-DOS 4-
ENDLOCALTerminate local environment
EPALElevated Priviliges Application Launcher (free Microsoft download)
ERASEDelete one or more files
EVENTCREATEWrite an event in one of the event logs
EVENTQUERY.VBSList events and event properties
EVENTTRIGGERSDisplay and configure "Event Triggers" that monitor and act upon the occurrence of NT Log Events of given criteria
EXITTerminate a batch file or command prompt
EXPANDExpand compressed files or folders on NTFS volumes
EXPLOREROpen a folder in an Explorer window
EXTRACTExtract compressed files
EXE2BINConvert .EXE files to binary format (DOS)
FASTOPENOpen DOS programs faster by memorizing their locations on disk (DOS)
FCCompare files
FDISKManipulate harddisk partitions and logical drives
FILEVERDisplay a program file's version
FINDSearch files or standard output
FINDRAMDFind the RAM drive letter
FINDSTRSearch files or standard output with advanced options
FORLoop through a set of files or variables
FORCEDOSForce XP to start the specified program in the MS-DOS subsystem
FORFILESSelects and executes a command on a file or set of files
FORMATFormat disks (intialize file system)
FSUTILManage FAT and NTFS file systems (XP)
FTPFile Transfer Protocol client
FTYPEDisplay or define the "Open" command for a file type
GETMACDisplay MAC address for local or remote network adapters (XP and later)
GETTYPEQueries the OS type, version or SP and returns it as an errorlevel (Resource Kit tool)
GOTOJump to a label or subroutine
GPRESULTEnable display of extended character set in graphics mode
GRAFTABLEnable display of extended character set in graphics mode
GWBASICBasic interpreter for MS-DOS up to version 4
HELPDisplay help text for a command
ICACLSDisplay, modify, backup, or restore ACLs for files and directories (Windows 7)
IEXPRESS(Installation) script packager (XP)
IFTest statement
IFCONFIGConfigure network adapters
INUSEReplace locked files on the next reboot (Resource Kit tool)
IPCONFIGConfigure network adapters
JTCommand line scheduler for Windows 2000 and later (Resource Kit utility)
LABELShow or set a disk's volume label
LFNFORTells the FOR command to use either "8.3" or long file names
LHLoad TSRs in high memory (same as LOADHIGH)
LOADHIGHLoad TSRs in high memory (same as LH)
LOCKGrant 16-bits DOS programs direct access to a disk
LOGMANCommand line Performance Monitor management tool
LOGOFFLogoff/terminate Windows TS sessions or (local) OS/2
MAKECABCompress and add files to new or existing .CAB files (equivalent of DIANTZ)
MDCreate a new (sub)directory (same as MKDIR)
MEMCheck memory usage (MS-DOS and 16-bits sessions only)
MKDIRCreate a new (sub)directory (same as MD)
MKLINKCreate a symbolic link
MODEConfigures system devices
MOREDisplays output one screen at a time
MOUNTVOLCreate, delete or list volume mount points (XP)
MOVEMove or rename files or folders
MSDQuery for basic system configuration information (MS-DOS 6 & 7)
MSGSend a popup message to TS users/sessions
MSIEXECInstall, modify, and perform operations on Windows Installer from the command line
MSINFO32Query for basic system configuration information (Windows 2000+)
NBTSTATDisplay protocol statistics and current TCP/IP connections using NBT
NETCommand line NetBIOS tool
NETDOMManage domains and trust relationships (join computers to a domain, rename computers, and more)
NETSHCommand line network configuration tool for Windows XP and later
NETSTATCommand line NetBIOS tool
NLTESTCommand line Netlogon management tool
NOTEPADText editor (GUI editing, command line & GUI printing)
NSLOOKUPDiagnose DNS infrastructure
NTBACKUPBackup files to any Windows supported media
OCSETUPWindows Optional Component Setup (Windows 7)
ODBCCONFMDAC ODBC configuration tool
OPENFILESList or disconnect open files and folders
PATHDisplay or change the program search path
PATHPINGExtended PING utility
PAUSEWait until a key is pressed
PENTNTDetects floating point division error (if present) in the Pentium chip, disables floating point hardware, and turns on floating point emulation
PINGCheck the TCP/IP connection to a remote IP address
PING6IPv6 version of PING
PKGMGRCommand line package manager
POPDMove back to the last directory that was "pushed" on the stack by PUSHD
POWERCFGConfigure power management (Windows Server 2003)
PRINTPrint a text file
PRINTUI.EXEShorthand command for RUNDLL32 PRINTUI.DLL,PrintUIEntry (Windows 7)
PRNCFG.VBSConfigure or display printer configuration information
PRNDRVR.VBSAdd, delete, or list printer drivers
PRNJOBS.VBSPause, resume, cancel, or list print jobs
PRNMNGR.VBSAdd, delete, or lists printers or printer connections; set or display default printer
PRNPORT.VBSCreate, delete, or lists standard TCP/IP printer ports; display or change port configuration
PRNQCTL.VBSPrint a test page; pause or resume a printer; clear a printer queue
PROMPTConfigure the DOS prompt string
PUBPRN.VBSPublish a printer in Active Directory
PUSHDMove to a new directory, "pushing" the current directory on the stack
QAPPSRVQuery available TS application servers
QBASICBasic interpreter for MS-DOS 5+
QCHAINInstall multiple hotfixes with only a single reboot
QFARMQuery local TS farm
QPROCESSQuery TS servers for running processes
QSERVERQuery available ICA-enabled TS servers
QUERYQuery TS resources
QUSERQuery logged on TS users
QWINSTAQuery TS sessions
RASDIALUse existing RAS/DUN connections
RASPHONEManage RAS/DUN connections
RDRemove a (sub)directory (same as RMDIR)
READLINERead a single line from standard output
RECOVERRecover readable information from a bad or defective disk (may sometimes destroy other files in the process)
REGRead and write the registry (W2K and later)
REGEDITRead and write the registry (GUI as well as command line)
REGEDT32Read and write the registry (includes setting access permissions)
REGINIRead and write the registry, including permissions (NT4 Resource Kit, native in XP)
REGSVR32Register .DLL & .OCX files as command components in the registry
REMInsert comment line
RENRename a file or folder (same as RENAME)
RENAMERename a file or folder (same as REN)
REPLACECopy only files that already exist in the target directory, or copy only files that don't exist yet
RESET SESSIONReset TS session subsystem defaults
RESTORERestore files backed up with BACKUP (from the exact same DOS version)
RMDIRRemove a (sub)directory (same as RD)
ROBOCOPYCopy directories, optionally including subdirectory trees and/or permissions, and optionally deleting removed files in the target directory (Resource Kit utility, native in Windows 7)
ROUTEDisplay and modify the entries in the local IP routing table
RUNASRun a command with different credentials (will always prompt for a password; use CPAU if you need to make this unattended)
RUNDLLCommand line wrapper for 16-bit DLL routines
RUNDLL32Command line wrapper for 32-bit DLL routines
SCCommand line services managment (XP)
SCHTASKSCommand line task scheduler (XP)
SECEDITConfigure and analyze system security by comparing your current configuration to a template (Windows 2000+)
SETManipulate environment variables
SETLOCALStart local environment
SHADOWMonitor or take over a TS session
SHELLPrimary command interpreter specification in CONFIG.SYS
SHIFTParse command line variables in batch files
SHUTDOWNShutdown a computer (Resource Kit utility for NT 4 and 2000, native in XP and later)
SORTRead a file or standard input and return it sorted alphabetically
STARTRun a command in a separate process, or run a file with its default associated application
SUBINACLDisplay/modify ACEs for file and folder permissions, ownership and domain (Resource Kit utility)
SUBSTAssociate or disassociate a drive alias with a path
SYSTEMINFOQuery for basic system configuration information
TASKKILLKill an active process (XP)
TASKLISTList active processes (XP)
TIMEDisplay & manipulate system time
TITLESet the window title for the command prompt window
TRACERTAnalyze the response times on the route to a remote IP address
TRACERTEAnalyze the response times on the route to a remote IP address (OS/2)
TREE"Graphically" display the folder structure of a drive or path
TRUENAMEDisplay the real fully qualified path
TSCONAttach a TS user session to a terminal session
TSDISCONDisconnect a TS terminal session
TSKILLTerminate a process in a TS session
TSPROFCopy/update TS user configuration information
TSSHUTDNShut down or reboot a TS server
TYPEDisplay text file content in console
TZCHANGEConfigure/edit time zones
UNLOCKRevoke 16-bits direct disk access granted by the LOCK command
VERDisplay the OS version
VERIFYEnable/disable verification of disk write operations
VHDMOUNTMount and access VHD files as virtual disk drives (part of Virtual Server 2005 R2 SP1)
VOLDisplay a disk's volume label
WINMSDQuery for basic system configuration information (for Windows NT 4; in Windows 2000 WINMSD was replaced by MSINFO32)
WINMSDPCommand line helper tool for WINMSD
WMICQuery & manipulate objects in WMI (XP Pro and later)
WSCRIPTGUI mode interpreter for VBScript/JScript
WUPDMGRStart Windows Update in Internet Explorer
XCACLSRead and set file access permissions (improved CACLS from the Resource Kits)
XCOPYCopy files & directories with advanced options

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